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Mandatory Tender Regulations (Contract with Planners)

Mandatory Tender Regulations (Contract with Planners)
The organization’s persistent work on this matter for a number of years, has come to term and caused the Knesset’s “Legislation, Constitution and Law” committee in its 31.12.13 meeting to approve the extension of the validity of Regulation '5a' of the Mandatory Tender Regulations to a permanent status!

Making this regulation permanent (as oppose to its maintenance as a temporary provision) will reinforce the promotion of the important principles at its core, as well as the additional processes promoted by our organization (for example – applying the regulation with regards to local municipalities etc.). 

Below is a list of the activities and messages sent over the years regarding this issue (Section 1) as well as an update regarding the application of this Regulation to additional public customers (Sections 2-3).

  1. Amendment of Regulation 5 of the Mandatory Tenders Law – an achievement for IOCEA
  2. Implementation of Regulation '5a' of the Mandatory Tenders Regulations with regards to local authorities – promotion of this organization’s bill on this subject
  3. Application of Regulation '5a' with regards to academic education institutions.