Fire Protection Engineers

About the Association

The Fire Protection Engineers trade union was established in order to gather all independent fire protection engineers under one roof and to promote their rights. The importance of fire protection engineering cannot be underestimated as its paramount concern is saving human lives from the devastating impacts of fire.. Fire protection engineering also deals with minimizing financial losses due to fire related property damages. It is now an essential component of planning new buildings of any kind and of renovations.

Chairman: Eng. Jacob friedman

Areas of expertise:
  • Fire protection in planning and upgrading buildings 
  • Designing fire protection systems in all types of buildings (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.)
  • Exit routes and escape systems
  • Effects of fire on structure durability
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems 
  • Smoke control and extraction systems
  • Public address and warning systems
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Fire hazards evaluation