חיפוש חברים ואיגודים בארגון

About us

Israel Organization of Consulting Engineers & Architects (IOCEA) is an umbrella organization for most of the independent engineers, architects and project managers in Israel.
Established by Eng. Eldad Bukspan in 1986, IOCEA's stated its objectives of a ensuring economic interests, as well as promoting workers’ rights for construction and infrastructure professionals in Israel.
The effect of IOCEA's success over the years has been evident in all of its members' on-going activity and business conduct. IOCEA's members also enjoy numerous economic benefits, provided due to the organization's activities.

IOCEA is proud to list the following among its achievements:
The establishment of LAHAV- Independent Authority Organization in Israel
The establishment of the SHEFI Insurance Agents for Engineering & Architecture 
Professional tours for IOCEA members, both in Israel and overseas 
Issuing the 5A regulation for planners and project managers
Applying the 5A regulation on local authorities (submitting a bill in the matter)
Raising planners and project managers' hourly fee (with the Ministry of Finances)
Formalizing rules of professional ethics
Formalizing contracts and association rates with public and state agencies
Economic promotion and development of young firms in the organization, includin goal oriented activities
And many more 
With over 2,600 planning, consulting and supervising firms, employing about 40,000 professionals (engineers, architects, practical engineers and management personnel), IOCEA has received recognition from all professional and state entities and is considered the official representative for all independent engineers and architects.For more information, please contact us at 03-5236289, or write to us at irgun@iocea.org.il