About us

Israel Organization of Consulting Engineers & Architects (IOCEA) is an umbrella organization for most of the independent engineers, architects and project managers in Israel.
Established by Eng. Eldad Bukshpan in 1986, IOCEA's stated its objectives of ensuring economic and professional interests, as well as promoting workers’ rights for construction and infrastructure professionals in Israel.

The effect of IOCEA's success over the years has been evident in all of its members' on-going activity and business conduct. IOCEA's members also enjoy numerous economic benefits, provided due to the organization's activities.

With over 3,000 planning, consulting and supervising firms, employing above 50,000 professionals (engineers, architects, practical engineers and management personnel), IOCEA has received recognition from most professional and state entities and is considered the official representative for all independent engineers and architects. 

IOCEA is also the operator of 17 trade unions including Architects and Urban planners, Landscape Architects, Bridge & Structural Engineers, Management and Supervision Engineers, Electronics and Electrical Engineers, Sanitation and Thermal Facilities Engineering, AC Engineers, Fire Protection Engineers, Water engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Management Consulting Engineers, Transportation and Traffic Engineers, Roads, Railways and Aviation Runways Engineers Machines Engineers and Building Materials Consultants Engineers, Consultants and Special Experts, Geodetic engineers, Waterproofing Engineering.

For more information, please contact us at 03-5236289, or write to us at irgun@iocea.org.il.