Historical Background

The IOCEA- a story of project management and planning in Israel.
In the early 1980's, a general assembly of the Society of Engineers and Architects was held, with the goal of finding solutions for unique issues faced by independent professionals in the fields of engineering and architecture. The general assembly appointed the Eng. Eldad Bukshpan to handle this problem, that up until that meeting was in the hands of a part time official.
Bukshpan brought about much progress, and with time an association was established alongside the Engineering and Architects Society, whose mission was to care for independent professionals in the fields of engineering and architecture. 
Mr. Bukshpan was chairman of the first independent workers organization for two terms, and also received the title of Honorary President.
In 1986, this organization was registered as an association, headed by Eng. Bukshpan.
The IOCEA was effective as early as the great inflation of the 1980's, a time when project commissioners (including government ministries and agencies) withheld payment, and when they did pay, the value of money had been eroded so badly it was virtually worthless. IOCEA fought against this, solved the problem of payment delay, and received acclaim and recognition as an organization with presence.
The IOCEA's activities gathered momentum. It brought together delegates of various organizations, set goals to improve its members' financial and business welfare, and engaged in dialogues of principle with economy officials as well as politicians. As part of its activities, IOCEA promoted the establishment of a national umbrella organization in which most of the associations of independent professionals can be included, paving the way to the establishment of LAHAV, the Independent Authority Organization in Israel.
In recent years, the IOCEA has been collaborating with public and state institutions. In addition, as of 2004, the IOCEA has been a member of FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, which is an umbrella organization for professionals from 62 countries worldwide. 
IOCEA has also made a point of closely collaborating with LAHAV. This collaboration has already brought about many achievements including the establishment of a tax deductible study fund, establishing a new retirement arrangement for independents, updating salary rates for independent professionals, as well as waging a long struggle with the Ministry of Finances in order to apply negative income tax to independent professionals.
One of the cornerstones of the IOCEA's activity is providing reliable professional services to its members while maintaining the economical and professional aspects of their vocations. As a result, IOCEA members have enjoyed a variety of services, from seminars, training programs and courses to professional tours in Israel and overseas. Members have also benefitted from a service department that meets, on a daily basis, all of its members needs as independent professional.
The IOCEA has accumulated many important achievements, for the benefit of the independent engineers and architects community to this day.
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