Engineers, Consultants and Special Experts
חיפוש חברים ואיגודים בארגון

About the Association

The Trade Union's chairman: Eng. Itzhak korn 

Areas of expertise:
  • Sealing and isolation of roofs and walls
  • Sealing of reservoirs and ground water submerged cellars
  • Acoustic counseling
  • Air pollution
  • Climatology
  • Industrial safety
  • Vocational and public safety
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Environmental surveys
  • Energy preservation
  • Chemical engineering and processes
  • Equipment engineering and control
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Environmental engineering (waste and sewage)
  • Agricultural engineering (project planning)
  • Geodetic engineering (surveys)
  • Computer engineering
  • Marine engineering
  • Counseling for computer aided engineering
  • Architectural lighting planning
  • Storage and transportation system planning
  • Planning facilities and pipelines for petrol transportation and storage
  • Pharma industry, cosmetics
  • Food plants planning and Alegro Industries
  • Surveys
  • Materials control
  • Equipment and pressure inspection
  • Development of beaches, rivers and artificial islands
  • Glass and aluminum technology
  • Plastics and rubber technologies
  • System coordination and superposition
  • Economical engineering programs
  • Planning rates and tender preparation
  • Organizational and engineering systems analysis
  • Characterization and functional planning for construction
  • Disabled accessibility counseling
  • Insurance and assessment counseling, professional malfunction
  • Professional opinion, arbitration and mediation
  • Professional training