Roads, Railways and Aviation Runways Engineers

About the Association

Road planners usually serve as chief planners in integrated projects and provide management and consultants' coordination in professions like: bridges engineers, various constructions, supporting walls, water and sewage engineers, electricity and lighting engineers, tunneling engineers, transportation and traffic engineers, landscape architects, statutory experts and others.

Areas of expertise:
  • Highways
  • One level intersections
  • Spatial intersections and interchanges
  • Preparing special specifications, letters of quantities and estimates
  • Airport runways, including parking areas for aircrafts and taxi runways
  • Surface runoff drainage and underground channeling
  • Culverts and small bridges 
  • Urban streets
  • Dutch streets
  • Pedestrian malls
  • Outdoor parking lots and parking arrangements inside buildings (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Development and land preparation works for various compounds
  • Supporting walls (medium height heavy walls)
  • Railways, railway station ramps, access roads, parking lots, etc.
  • Underground infrastructures coordination
  • Surveys and photogrammetry
  • Providing professional opinions, arbitrations and mediations