LAHAV - The Independent Authority Organization in Israel
Since 1983, LAHAV, the Independent Authority Organization in Israel, has worked diligently to represent and promote the rights of independent and small businesses in Israel.
The collaboration between, and continuous activity of, IOCEA and LAHAV has brought many achievements:
  Work with the Ministry of Finance against delaying payments and towards
      abolishing linkages.
  Updated work wage rates and waged a campaign towards raising the
      Accountant General's rates.
  The formation of an inter-ministerial committee by the Accountant General for
      the purpose of regulating the execution of planning and management works for
     government departments: creating a central registry of planners, prioritizing a
     fair rotation of appointments, and setting planning and management rates.
  Activity with the State Guarantee Fund for Small Businesses.
  Activity with the State Guarantee Fund for Small Businesses.
  A new pension agreement for independent businesses (signed), designed
      to reduce the distortion and the gap in pension insurance between hired
      employees and independent self-employed workers.
  Indirect compensation for independent businesses in the north of Israel,
      who suffered damages as a result of the 2nd Lebanon War.
  Waged campaigns against the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance’s
      plan to apply negative income tax to independent businesses. 
  Waged a campaign for the appliance of regulation 5a of the Tenders
      Obligation Act on local authorities.

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    FIDIC – The International Federation of Consulting Engineers
FIDIC is an international organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an umbrella organization which works with independent engineers and consultants from about 62 countries world-wide. FIDIC operates in collaboration with the World Bank, international financial institutions, the European Union, CICA (the Confederation of International Contractors Association), as well as with major organizations of civil engineering in many countries around the world. The Israeli IOCEA has been a member of FIDIC since 2004, the year that the President and the Managing Director of FIDIC visited Israel. 
This membership opens the door to professional conventions and seminars, the use of international standard contracts and instruments, updated professional information, and more.

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    Israel Builders Association
Since its foundation in 1949, the Israeli Builders’ Association has been the representative organization for all those in the fields of building, infrastructures, development, engineering and planning. The association works to promote the rights of these workers.
There has been a productive collaboration between the IOCEA and the Israeli Builders’ Association for several years, during which several achievements have been made:
  A treaty has been signed between the project managers and planners, and the
  The Building Council has renewed its activity, with the participation of IOCEA
  Both organizations collaborated in the fight for Israeli workers and planners'
      preference in projects tendered by state authorities.

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