Terms of Use

Welcome to the IOCEA's website ("the site"), registered association no. 58-009-419-1 (hereinafter: "the Organization" or "the Association"), whose registered address is P.O. Box 6385 Tel Aviv 61063.

These terms of use are written in male singular for convenience purposes; however it equally refers to all genders as well as all legal entities.
Use of the site and all content in it is allowed only in accordance with the terms of use as specified herein. Please read these terms thoroughly. If you do not agree to all or to part of these terms, you are kindly asked to refrain from using this site. Any use of this site and its content is subject to the consent of these terms of use and approval thereof. The Organization reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time, at its own discretion, without providing advanced notice. The wording as it is on the site is the updated phrasing of these terms of use.
In this articles, "content" includes essays, reviews, data, professional publications, reports, articles, news, analyses, estimates, responses, files, details of communications, names and any other datum or information as is published on the site, as text, image and/or sound for visitors' disposal, whether the rights to these contents are owned by the Organization or by third parties.

Using the Site
The site and its content can be used as is and without any obligation or liability of any kind. The Organization may, at its own and exclusive discretion, edit and/or remove and/or change and/or design the site and its availability for the user, and users shall have no right to complain, claim or demand the Organization regarding the use, restrictions or responses as might be caused by any publication on the site. Using the content presented on the site and its services will be at your exclusive and full responsibility. The Organization is not obligated to ensure that the content is updated at all times. People or entities are asked not to make any decisions based on the content of this site, including professional decisions, preferences, costing and so forth, without seeking independent information and counseling elsewhere. Nothing on the site shall, under any circumstances, be interpreted as a recommendation made by the Organization.

The information about IOCEA members, as it appears on the site, is as provided by said members. The Organization is under no obligation as to the accuracy and/or updating of said information. If you are an IOCEA member, and you have discovered that your information is not updated, you are kindly requested to provide us with any necessary updating in writing. Please, send this updating request to Email : irgun@iocea.org.il.
The content of this site is not to be used for any commercial purposes without a specific written authorization, provided in advance by the Organization. Users of this site are absolutely forbidden to make any changes, to copy, to distribute, to broadcast, to present, to execute, to duplicate, to publish, to issue a license, to produce deriving works, to translate or to sell any of the information, software, products or service items originated on the site, nor should they make any use or carry out any action on the site. The content on the site is reserved and/or permissible by law to the owners of rights.
The Organization is not obligated to ensure that the use of the site and its availability should not be interrupted, or that it is provided without any breaks and interruptions and/or that the site should be immune to any unlawful accessing of the Organization's computers, to damages, to breakdowns, malfunctions, and to hardware, software or communication line failures. In the case that the Organization, or any of its suppliers, are compromised in any way, the Organization will not be held responsible to any direct and/or indirect damage caused to users, their property and/or to any third parties and/or their property consequently. 

Links placed on the site directing the user to other sites are not the responsibility of the Organization, including any content and information on the internet pages to which said links are referring. The Organization is under no obligation to ensure that these links are intact. The fact that a link exists on the site is not in-and-of-itself an indication that the content of the linked site is reliable, full or updated, and the Organization shall not be held responsible for that. You may find that these contents are not consistent with what you need or that you are averse to them, find them offensive, irritating, improper, illegal or unethical. The Organization is not responsible for the content, the data or the visual elements referred to by any of said links, or to the consequences of using them or relying on them.

Content published by third parties
IOCEA members may use the site forum ("users' contents") to independently put content on the site.

Using this forum is permitted only for IOCEA members. The user name and password you receive as IOCEA members are personal and are not to be transferred. IOCEA members participating and/or using and/or advertising on the site are hereinafter referred to as "the users".

The Organization will not examine the users' content and is not to be held responsible for its legality, credibility, quality, seriousness, liability and any other aspect therewith. The Organization therefore shall not be held responsible for the users' contents and you are hereby waiving in advance any claim towards the Organization regarding said content.

The aforesaid notwithstanding, the Organization may, at its own exclusive discretion, remove and/or demand the editing and/or the changing of any of the users' content and it will not be held responsible in any way to the users' content as a result.

IOCEA members must note that any and all content published by you will be exposed to all internet users, and the Organization cannot know what kind of response you will receive, who will comment and how the outcome that may follow from the content you have put on the site. The Organization therefore will not have any responsibility towards you (or towards anyone acting on your behalf) with regards to these comments and responses or to any other consequence that affect you or your property as a result of said comments or responses.

The Organization is not interested in receiving any secret or rights protected content from you. Consequently, all users' content mentioned herewith will be considered as non-secret information. Furthermore, know that sending any users' content to be published on the site will be considered a free permit to the Organization with no time constraints, to present, duplicate, copy, distribute, market, make available and make any kind of use of this content as it deems fit ("the permit"). This means, inter alia, that you are not and will not at any time in the future be entitled to any pay for any content published by you on the site.

If you do not wish to give such permission to the Organization, you should refrain from publishing any content on the site.
You should take care not to provide the Organization with any content in which you do not own any rights or for which you do not have the required authorizations allowing you to give said content to the Organization for the purpose of online publication or to give the Organization a permit as specified above. By giving any content for the purpose of publication on the site, you confirm that you own the rights in said content and/or you are a licensee for the purpose of publishing on the site, and that you may provide the Organization with the license in this content. Putting content defendable by law, that is not your own original creation, constitutes a breach of intellectual property rights (and might be in breach of additional or other rights), which constitutes a civil wrong and/or criminal offence.
The Organization strongly recommends caution in the dealings with users' content, especially where professional information is concerned. The Organization hereby clarifies that this information should not be used in lieu of professional advice and is to be seen as a recommendation only. The Organization will not be held responsible for any of this content or for the consequences of using it, as may be caused to you or to any third parties should you choose to use it. You are fully and exclusively responsible for your actions and any consequences therewith.
As a viewer and/or user and/or publisher in the forums, you hereby unreservedly agree and undertake to act as follows:
  1. Not to send any message, data, content or any other type of material, which is illegal and/or in breach of any agreement of undertaking or right, and/or is damaging and/or threatening and/or vulgar and/or harassing and/or offensive and/or racist and/or slanderous and/or might constitute cause for libel suit and/or might be considered an invasion of privacy of another person
  2. Not to impersonate any other person and/or entity
  3. Not to invade the privacy of any other surfer (including not to send information via the forum or in any other way about another surfer, their phone number, their message program prescription details or any other identification information)
  4. Not to send to the forums any information that might solicit another user to perform and/or to promote any illegal and/or potentially damaging act
  5. Not to send any material containing a virus and/or software that might be potentially damaging to the site or to the users in the forums
  6. Not to breach, whether directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, any laws
  7. Not to publish and/or propose to sell goods or services for commercial purposes
  8. Not to hold or to pass on any surveys, competitions, pyramid games or chain letters
  9. Not to download a file or any other content published by another user in the forums, that you know or that it is reasonable to assume or that you know are forbidden for this kind of distribution
  10. Not to forge or delete any mention of author's information, legal or other notices or any mark of exclusivity or any mark indicating the source of contents and/or essays and/or software and/or any other material included in a file and/or text and/or image that was uploaded online
  11. Not to limit or prevent the use and enjoyment of other users in the forums
  12. Not to upload to the forums any advertisement messages, whether directly or under the disguise of content messages
  13. Not to upload files containing software or any other material that are under any third party rights, including intellectual property rights, privacy rights, advertising rights and so forth. The organization may refuse to publish contents that it deems to be in breach of any of said terms and/or may cause the organization and/or the site and/or any third party harm, and it may delete such contents at any time. You hereby waive in advance any complaint and/or claim and/or demand towards the organization, its employees, its board of directors or anyone acting on their behalf in this matter 
You hereby confirm that you know and agree that the Organization may, but is under no obligation to, remove and/or delete any content or part thereof, at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Organization or of anyone acting on its behalf, if said content strays from acceptable norms as it seems appropriate to the Organization and the forums and/or may be in breach any of these terms of use.
In case any content or contents are so deleted, the Organization is under no obligation to inform or to warn anyone about said removal and/or deletion of information. In case of a deletion as mentioned above, you shall have no claim towards the Organization and/or anyone acting on its behalf.
You hereby confirm that you know and agree that only IOCEA members are allowed to join and/or advertise on the forum, so that any message and/or comment and/or publication and/or any content writer in the forum may be identified. Consequently, and unlike many other online forums, participation and/or use and/or advertising in the site's forum is not anonymous. The Organization is not held responsible to the protection of privacy of the user's personal information in the forums. In addition, it reserves the right to provide such user's information (as may be known to it) under the following circumstances:
  1. If the use of the forums and/or the material and/or the information published in the forums by the user was illegal
  2. If the use of the forums and/or the material and/or the information published in the forums by the user, is related to and/or in regards with any legal proceedings and/or is required for any proceedings by any third party and/or by a competent authority
  3. If the use of the forums and/or the material and/or the information published in the forums by the user was required in the enforcement of the correct and proper implementation of these terms and provisions
  4. If the use of the forums and/or the material and/or the information published in the forums by the user was required for the protection of the organization's interests
  5. If the use of the forums and/or the material and/or the information published in the forums by the user was required for the protection of the life, the physical integrity or dignity of people
  6. If the organization is required to divulge the use made by a user in the forums and/or the material and/or the information the user has published in the forums or otherwise used them by the authority of a court order or injunction

The Organization may terminate the forums (including by way of removing them from the internet or withholding access), immediately, unilaterally and without any advanced notice, and the user shall have no complaint and/or right of claim and/or demand in the matter whatsoever. So, inasmuch as you want to withhold information or content published in the forums and for that purpose only, please print a hard copy for yourself, provided this is not against any law.

Should you become convinced that any information and/or material published in the forums was copied in a way that compromises your rights and/or otherwise harms you and/or any third party and/or is against the law, please inform the Organization of such an occurrence immediately, attaching all your details, to P.O Box 6385 Tel Aviv 61063.

Please note that the Organization is not obligated to save the users' IP numbers on the site for any minimal period of time or at all.

Economical Contents
Should you wish to use economical contents, whether they are published on the site by the Organization or by other surfers, you should check and verify such contents. The publishing of such contents should not be construed as a recommendation or an opinion regarding any transactions and other financial activities, including the provision of services or the execution of transactions. Any decision regarding the use of such contents found on the site should therefore be your sole responsibility.

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights for the site and its content, including its design, any software, application, graphic file, texts, computer code and any other material in it, belong solely to the Organization and/or its content suppliers and/or IOCEA members who have uploaded contents to the site and/or business partners, as the case may be. No copying, distribution, public display, translation or giving to a third party of any part thereof are allowed without the Organization's written and advanced explicit consent, unless you are an IOCEA member who has uploaded contents to the site via the forum, in which case you may do any of the abovementioned actions only with the contents so uploaded by you, and in which you own the rights.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, you may print any information from the site and use it in a noncommercial manner for your own personal/organizational purposes, as well as send to another person links to the site's contents, provided that such other person is interested and has agreed to receive them.

The Organization's name, the site's compound name, logo, its commercial names and trade, service and group marks (registered and not registered), are the sole property of the Organization. Using any of them without the Organization's CEO's written and advanced explicit permission is forbidden.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, any intellectual property rights in the contents published by you on the site in accordance with the provisions of these terms of use remain in your possession.

Information Security
The Organization implements information security systems and procedures on its sites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized penetration into the Organization's computers, they are not completely safe. Therefore, the Organization cannot guarantee that the services and information on its sites and servers (or the servers of a third party storing them) are completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

Should you provide the Organization your own communication information, the Organization may, from time to time, send you professional and/or market information by e-mail, whether this information is published by the Organization or it is information that the Organization has received from a third party for the purpose of distribution. Said information will then be sent to your e-mail address, as per the information given by you. Should you wish to discontinue such receipt of commercial information, you may, at any time, and by giving notice to the Organization at P.O Box 6385 Tel Aviv 61063, cancel your consent and from that time on you will cease to receive such commercial information.
The Organization will not pass on your information to any third party, unless the following have occurred:
  •  If you breach the site's terms of use, or if you conduct, through the site or regarding the site, can be seen as against the law, or if you attempt to carry out such actions. In such cases the Organization may provide such information as needed;
  •  Upon receiving a court order instructing the Organization to give your information or any information about you to a third party;
  •  In case of any disagreement, complaint, claim, demand or legal proceedings, should there be, between yourself and the Organization;
  •  In any case the Organization shall consider such giving of information as necessary in order to prevent any serious damage to your person, your property or to the person or property of any third party;
  •  Should the Organization organize the site's activity within another corporation, or in case it has merged with another organization or merge the site's activity with the activity of a third party, the Organization then may pass a copy of your information or any other statistics it has on to the new corporation, provided said new corporation will assume the terms of this privacy policy towards you.

Termination of Use and Compensations
The Organization may, at its own exclusive discretion, terminate the activity of any user of the site's services, if that user fails to adhere to any of the terms of this agreement, including by way of blocking the user's IP number.
Should a user breach any of these terms of use, the Organization may then, at its own exclusive discretion, divulge its name and all information about said user as known to the Organization in any legal proceeding, even without a court order so requiring. You will compensate the Organization, its employees, its board of directors or anyone acting on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them, including legal fees, for your breach of these terms of use and/or due to any breach of the rights of any third party by you.

These terms of use shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel and the exclusive jurisdiction in any matter relating to this agreement and the use of the site is with the competent courts in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa region.
Should any of the provisions in these terms of use be determined by the court or any other judicial or other competent judicial-like tribunal ("judicial instance") as illegal and/or invalid, then, the parties intention notwithstanding, this will not prevail over the other provisions in these terms of use and/or the parts of the provision invalidated and/or reduced by the judicial instance.

You may refer any question you might have regarding the use of the site to its appointed delegates at irgun@iocea.org.il, and the Organization will do everything in its power to address such appeals post haste.
We wish you beneficial and enjoyable use, and will appreciate hearing any comments you may have.