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חיפוש חברים ואיגודים בארגון

Registry of arbitrators who are graduates of an international arbitration course according to ICC guidelines

The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) is an international organization founded in 1919. It houses over 8,000 chambers of commerce, manufacturers' associations, spanning over 100 countries worldwide. The ICC supports actions by businesspersons, corporations and even countries, in the fields of commerce, international investments, and international arbitration.

The ICC international arbitration court is considered a leading and prestigious global arbitration institution, a forum for complex commercial arbitration and settlement of commercial disputes with dramatic economic implications, including infrastructure and construction disputes.

The most significant arbitrations in these relevant fields are predominantly carried out according to the court’s arbitration laws, in over 100 countries. Therefore, the chances of an Israeli company being required to do so are high. The first group of the international arbitration course according to ICC guidelines graduated on 04.07.17. The course was an initiative led by the IOCEA in collaboration with ICC Israel.

The 20 first graduates, who had acquired skills of investigation and award in international disputes and conflicts, form the foundation of an organizational arbitrator registry for ICC Israel-certified professionals.