Outstanding Landmarks

The SHEFI insurance agency
Established in 1986 as an IOCEA's subsidiary, the SHEFI insurance agency's main goal is to provide a focused solution for the unique needs in this field.
Releasing engineers and architects from tender obligation
On May 16th, 1993, the Tender Obligation Act came into force and regulations were put in place for its implementation.
The Apprenticeship Project
Operating since 2007, the apprenticeship project enables IOCEA young members (with up to 7 years seniority) who are independent firms to avail themselves of the help of more experienced members, who offer their time, experience and knowledge in a variety of subjects, and in particular with management related topics.
Rules of Professional Ethics for Engineers and Architects
In the past, the Engineers and Architects Association's rules of ethics were the only source of authority, regulating the relations between all planning professionals. These rules were also applied to engineers and architects who were members of that association.